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Our vision is simple – to always maintain the highest standard of living and amenity for all our residents. Our facilities, services and building guidelines are all thoughfully designed to enhance the living experience of our residents, now and into the future.



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Freshwater Place marks the location of the Yarra breakwater. Long ago, a natural band of basalt across the river formed the Falls, where the freshwater of the river tumbled into the salty water of the bay below. It was a place of convergence; the intersection of land and sea, and an important place of meeting and exchange for the Eastern Kulin peoples. It was also a symbolic point of arrival; the end of a journey and a place to come home. Today, this place is Freshwater Place.

Freshwater Place was born of a joint vision by the government and leading property developer Australand, now known as Frasers Property Australia. Their vision was ambitious and significant – to create a dynamic and exciting new precinct combining a constant flow of residential, commercial and retail activity with the redevelopment of Queensbridge Square and Sandridge Bridge. Bates Smart – the same architectural firm responsible for many of the city’s most iconic and historical buildings, such as Melbourne Town Hall and the Royal Exhibition Buildings – was engaged. The residential and commercial towers at Freshwater Place represent the culmination of 150 years of the architect’s experience, taste and technical achievement.

While embracing contemporary style, Freshwater Place celebrates its rich heritage through the hundreds of original and limited edition artworks and sculptures displayed throughout, none more so than The Travellers. Conceived by the internationally-renowned Beirut-born artist, Nadim Karam, The Travellers are towering steel sculptures whose silhouettes dance over the Sandridge Bridge, enacting the myriad phases of migration that fill Melbourne’s history. Their narrative boldly extends into the ground floor of Freshwater Place through original artwork and sculptures by Nadim, connecting Freshwater Place to the river bank outside and the evolving story of the river.

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We understand that maintaining a premium lifestyle for our residents requires continual investment. That’s why we  initiated phase one building upgrades in 2022, and have commenced a second phase of  upgrades scheduled for completion in late 2023. Under these phase two  works, Freshwater Place will add  two new beautifully appointed dining and entertainment areas, stylish co-working spaces, and remodelled media and function rooms.

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